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Topics & Dialogs



To equip the learner with a large amount of common knowledge in Spanish and the ability to verbally communicate on a wide range of topics.  The material presented in this section will reinforce and introduce common communication patterns in Spanish from which the learner will branch out and create personalized Spanish language.  This adds greatly to the learner’s emerging communication skills.


This is a unique and extremely effective and innovative approach leading to quick acquisition of the Spanish language.  Real life topics from all walks of life are included.  Categories are: Animals & Nature, Daily Life, Events, Food & Drink, History, Hobbies, Occupational, People & Characters, Places, Sports and TV & Movies.  The way it works is as follows: ….. Imagine you are on a TV game show and are asked to say the first thoughts that come to mind regarding a given topic.  These highly communicative gems are full of great vocabulary and grammar used to describe common knowledge facts.  These short sentences are adhesive like super glue as they immediately begin to stick and add to your developing data and skill base.  Topics are based on common knowledge.  This makes the learner’s acquisition streamlined because he or she already is familiar with the topic.  The impact of Topics is immeasurable in speeding up the learning process.  Once one of these sentences is learned, the next step is to simply substitute a key word to create a correct and new communication.  From one sentence you will be able to create multiple new sentences by simply swapping out a word.  This section follows the Natural Way of Language Acquisition……. Imitation and Creation.  That is why they are such a great learning tool.

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