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Spanish Learning Systems: Section 1

Sentence Starters


To provide the learner with the ability to immediately create language with sentences that are commonly spoken on a daily basis.  Fluency always begins with the basics and then progresses to more advanced sentences.  Every Sentence Starter learned will enable the learner to correctly communicate in Spanish.


Included is a presentation of high frequency and highly communicative sentences that are common to all languages and based on natural language acquisition.  They are logically sequenced from basic to advanced.  They will have you speaking instantly, the natural way, by “imitation and creation”.  You will be amazed by how much you can confidently say in such a short time.  Just like when we were a baby, we learned by “imitation and creation”.  You take a basic sentence and immediately learn how to expand upon it and start to create language.  You will begin to link one sentence to another while your speaking skills blossom. 


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