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To provide each learner with necessary grammar explanations that will allow them to correctly create Spanish communication, both oral and written.  Sentences need to be correctly constructed for language to be accurate and comprehensible


The Profesor Pablo Spanish Learning Systems presentation of Spanish Grammar is definitely the easiest and most effective guide available for rapid, overnight improvement of Spanish Grammar and Verb Conjugations.  It is a reference guide and learning tool with cut to the chase and easily understood explanations.  This section is organized from basic to advanced grammar.  The word grammar by itself has acquired a “bad rap” over the years.  Unfortunately many teachers stress “grammar, grammar, grammar” and don’t incorporate it into lessons to build communicative fluency in Spanish.  Too many teachers treat grammar as an end in itself as opposed to a means to an end.  That end being communication skills.  No doubt, all language has grammatical structure and grammar appears in each sentence, so, IT IS essential.  Our approach is to present grammar explanations that will strengthen your performance when speaking and writing Spanish as well as give you confidence so your Spanish can be used in a professional capacity. 

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