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Survival Spanish



To build communication building blocks, Survival Spanish includes phrases, questions and sentences that are organized alphabetically for quick reference.  They will serve you well “in a pinch” and help you immediately communicate what you need to say.  Very easy to learn, they lay the foundation for your communicative data base.


Gathered together in this section are the “basics” you need to know to get up and running immediately.  These basic and common words, phrases, questions and statements will enable you to communicate right now.  Just search alphabetically and you will find spot-on communication components that will empower you to verbalize what you need to say.  Challenge yourself to learn a little or a lot on a daily basis and your ability to communicate will begin to grow.  Every great oak tree sprouts from a single seed.  Likewise, fluency always begins at the most basic level with isolated words and expressions which in a short time will begin to mesh together and produce a network of communication skills.  Enjoy your journey.  You are on your way to Spanish language acquisition.

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