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Profesor Pablo

Spanish Learning Systems

Profesor Pablo's Spanish Learning Systems consists of 9 sections. 

Below is a brief description of each section.

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Learn to Speak Spanish confidently with sequenced Sentence Starters based on highly communicative sentences that are common and essential to all languages.  They will have you speaking Spanish instantly, the natural way, by imitation and creation, and having great fun while you learn.  Start your learning journey now and enjoy immediate success.




Don’t panic!  Allow Survival Spanish to provide you with the necessary and essential words, phrases, sentences and questions that are “must know, right now”.  This section is organized alphabetically for ease of use.  Let this material serve as a solid foundation for future Spanish language learning. 




An instructional favorite over many decades, Useful Sayings or Frases Útiles, is an extensive list of high frequency expressions listed alphabetically.  Perfect for quick learning sessions anywhere at any time.  You will smile and be entertained as you learn common, everyday expressions that are real language and culturally authentic.  Step up your game and impress fluent speakers!


Topics & 

A wide variety of entertaining and informative dialogs and real-life topics are presented including people, places, current events, occupations, and many others. Each sentence of each dialog and topic is a sentence starter in itself and will instantly build your Spanish arsenal. Your communication skills will shift into high gear as you begin to speed down the Road to Fluency.





The Profesor Pablo Verb Dictionary is another easy to use, custom made, learning system that provides direct and quick access to over 1,000 communicative verbs. Many verbs are visible at one glance and they are organized alphabetically with conjugation clues based on the Verb Numbering System. Quick, easy and extremely effective!



Vocabulary is essential to all communication and it must be learned and expanded constantly.  Lists and topics are organized alphabetically. Higher level communication skills are dependent on possessing the key words to express oneself. Every new word learned is like another dollar in the bank. Grow your account by constantly adding new words to your ever-growing vocabulary base.



Grammar is the glue that holds the Spanish language together. It is absolutely critical that it is used correctly to elevate the sophistication and accuracy of one's spoken Spanish. All explanations are crisp, cut to the chase and communication based. Get out your pick and shovel and dig into the Mother Lode of Spanish grammar. You got this!




Verb Conjugations are a time bandit and a source of major struggle for many learners. The Verb Charts provide quick access to all conjugations and verb tenses. They are concise and spot-on. Resolve your conjugation concerns easily and instantly. Chart your success and safely and confidently navigate the choppy seas of verb conjugation.


Accent Mark System

Placing accent marks correctly can be like tossing a ping pong ball into a small fishbowl at the county fair. Learning the Profesor Pablo Accent Mark System will turn a weakness into a major strength. Thousands of teachers and students have learned this unique and 100% fool proof system and now flawlessly and correctly place accent marks. Now go to the county fair and win that big stuffed animal!


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