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Useful Sayings



To build confidence and increase fluency, diverse and highly communicative expressions are alphabetically organized that mirror what we say and hear on a daily basis from real-life situations, literature, television and film.  These catchy phrases add to your communication skills. Every Useful Saying you learn will enhance your Spanish speaking ability.


Presented here are thousands of common expressions that include sayings that come from real-life settings.  They have been gathered over decades and selected as high frequency expressions. You will smile and be entertained as you learn common, everyday expressions that are real language and culturally authentic. These Useful Sayings are eclectic in nature and repeatedly heard daily in random conversations across the entire Spanish Speaking World. They are organized alphabetically in English followed by their Spanish translation. Read through the thousands of useful sayings and note those that meet your needs and wishes. Practice them, learn them and make them yours. They will help you to communicate and create Instant Spanish!  Continue reviewing the useful sayings and quickly learn dozens more. Set a daily learning goal that fits your lifestyle. You will impress fluent Spanish speakers with your accurate and culturally authentic Spanish. 

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